Stay fit in Scarborough this winter

Dec 7 2016

It's common to hibernate a little in the winter, which can make it hard to leave the comfort of your Preston Apartment to stay active. To stick to your fitness routine this winter, here are a few clubs and community centres near 20 Stonehill Court where you can exercise when it's just too cold to go outside.


L'Amoreaux Community Recreation Centre - 2000 McNicoll Avenue


Cardio workouts, tai chi and yoga are available for free at L'Amoreaux Community Recreation Centre on the corner of Kennedy Road and McNicoll Avenue.


Cardio classes for older adults focus a minimum of twenty minutes on rhythmic patterns to strengthen large muscle groups. All-ages yoga increases physical and mental health with various styles of breathing and relaxation techniques. Tai chi is a favourite for people who want to focus on slow and deliberate movements of the hands, legs and body.


Curves - 3469 Sheppard Avenue East


Curves for Women is one of the leading fitness clubs in the GTA. Each location in Scarborough is dedicated to providing its guests with the best in exercise equipment, personal training and a comfortable space to perfect custom workout routines.


Curves has a variety of fitness programs, customized meal plans and personalized platforms to plan or track your fitness habits. Find the nearest one just south on Birchmount Road, seven minutes from 20 Stonehill Court.


Crossfit 4 Time - 285 Progress Avenue


Crossfit addicts can join Crossfit 4 Time, Scarborough's local spot for high intensity workouts that mimic real life movements.


Variety is often the key for consistent exercise, so Crossfit 4 Time has customized their training programs to include metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting overseen by professional fitness coaches. This gym won't break the bank either; their flexible pricing options make it easy for anyone to join.


Goodlife Fitness  - 3389 Steeles Avenue East


Goodlife Fitness is twenty-nine minutes northwest of 20 Stonehill Court using the 39 Finch East and 24 Victoria Park North buses.


They offer trial memberships, personal training programs and fitness classes like BodyPump, BodyAttack and Zumba. They are also the source of wellness advice with in-house workshops and meditation programs that keep you feeling healthy at home and in the workplace.


Don't hesitate to seek more information from gyms and fitness centres near 20 Stonehill Court to learn what works best for you. Exercise is work, but it can also be a lot of fun and a great way to stay mentally and physically fit during the winter.

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