Tenant Tips: A Tidier Kitchen

May 28 2019


The kitchen is the center of most homes, an area where every family member ends up at one point or another. Since there is so much happening in that space at all times, it can be a challenge in keeping it organized. We've got a few clever hacks for you that take minimal effort yet have long lasting effects to your kitchen's tidiness. It's not only more pleasant to cook in a tidy kitchen, but it also benefits your health and well-being.


1) Remove the clutter

The more clutter on your counters, the messier the space will seem. Try to stick to only one or two frequently used gadgets on your counter and keep everything else hidden in your cabinets.

2) Avoid too much empty space

If you look at the free space on your counter as a spot to start piling up mail, coupons and other items, the junk will begin to stand out. Beware of looking at your newly cleared counter space as an invitation for clutter.

3) Don't use your fridge as a gallery

Those charming crayon drawings stuck to your fridge may be adding clutter to your kitchen's look. Instead, try a rotating gallery wall in your dining nook as a space to hang and display framed masterpieces.

4) Set a rule for dishes

Dishes in the sink or stacked in your dish rack make your kitchen look messier just by their mere presence. Make it a rule to clear all dishes before bedtime and wake up to a tidier kitchen in the morning.

5) Have a junk drawer

Designate a junk drawer - and keep it to just one shelf or drawer. This is where you can hide your knick-knacks until you find a better location for them. This is a better alternative than having them out for display.


'Tis the season to clean & organize after all! These 5 simple steps will create a neater, more put-together kitchen in the long run. Happy tidying!

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