Where to workout near 90 Eastdale Avenue

Nov 13 2014

The everyday hustle and bustle of Toronto is not always enough to stay fit. A solid workout routine is still the best way to burn calories, build muscle and stay healthy. Motivation is key but it can be difficult for some to stick to a routine.

Residents of Preston Apartments can find all the motivation they need in gyms, recreation centres and outdoor spaces near 90 Eastdale Avenue. Whether you prefer jogging solo or one-on-one training, East Toronto is ripe with locations to work out.

Fly Girl Fitness - 361 Glebeholme Boulevard

Fly Girl Fitness, located seven minutes west of 90 Eastdale Avenue on the corner of Glebehome Boulevard and Woodington Avenue, is a place for women to work out in a comfortable and respectful environment. They encourage their guests to exercise at their own pace while helping them achieve their long-term health goals. Guests have the options to participate in group training, work with personal trainers and practice mindful movement (yoga and pilates).

Outdoor Skating at Monarch Park - 115 Felted Avenue

It might be time to break in your ice skates as the winter quickly approaches. Monarch Park, located on the corner of Felted Avenue and Cowell Avenue, features its own outdoor skating rink. Friends and family can work out while having fun or learning a new skill. The park also offers free Learn to Skate programs for adults, youth and children.

BOMB Fitness - 1502 Danforth Avenue

Not everyone enjoys intense workouts. BOMB Fitness provides an intimate atmosphere with flexible exercise options or private training. While offering up-to-date equipment, BOMB Fitness provides modern and functional programs designed for real human movements. Choose between Small Group Classes, Personal Training and even Fit Kids Programming for children.

Oakridge Community Recreation Centre - 63 Pharmacy Avenue

If a gym isn't your thing, Oakridge Community Recreation Centre-a 22-minute walk east of 90 Eastdale Avenue-is the place for you. Beyond sports activities for kids, adults can easily participate in a variety of fitness programs such as Cardio Dance, Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga. These courses are free or affordably priced for all residents of Toronto and run as late as December.

Taylor Creek Trail - North Via Dawes Road

Some people can't work out unless they are in the great outdoors. Taylor Creek Park-only 3 minutes north of 90 Eastdale Avenue-is a sanctuary for joggers, long distance runners and speed walkers. Surrounded by beautiful forests, residents can run or walk the Taylor Creek Trail that follows the Forks of the Don River. The trail itself is made of asphalt and compact soil for easy mobility. Parking, picnic areas and washrooms are available throughout.

90 Eastdale Avenue is surrounded by gyms, parks and recreation centres that accommodate any type of workout style or fitness level. Both adults and kids can register for group sessions, one-on-one training or apply custom routines in nearby outdoor spaces.


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